Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm Doing Great For Now!

Whoa, so long since I last wrote here. I have no excuse other than the fact that I write for a living, and somehow writing on my own personal blog loses its appeal when I spend most of my days writing whatever I can to make money. So with that aside, here's my short update since I last wrote:

Since August of 2015, I:

  • Continued working from home part-time and raising my son (full-time)
  • Quit one job and started two new remote freelance jobs (Jan/Feb of 2016)
  • Saw my husband receive his BS in Social Work from UVU
  • Benjamin turned one year old and we had an epic party for him with 3 cakes, family, and food
  • In May 2016 we picked up and moved our little family to Mesa, AZ for Mitch to complete his MSW at ASU
  • Took an amazing girls trip with my mom and sisters to Lincoln City, OR
  • Learned that AZ summers are everything people say they are and suffered through the insane heat with a stir-crazy toddler and no car

  • Started writing a book (for fun) and joined a writers' association
  • Experienced an "AZ Autumn" where the only thing that changes are the license plates (hello snowbirds)
  • Learned what it's like to be morning sick when you're the breadwinner (spoilers, it wasn't fun)
  • Basked in the 70-degree December
  • Was hospitalized over Christmas break in Utah for dehydration and vomiting while Benjamin also had croup
  • Learned that 50 degrees is "bitter cold" to AZ natives
  • Took an actual family vacation to Irvine and Temecula, CA over spring break that was awesome
  • Enjoyed an amazing January and February of warm weather and sunshine

As for Mitch, he dutifully went to school and his internship and is now just 6 weeks shy of graduating with his Master's degree and finally being done with school. I'm so proud of how much work he's done and how long he's been in school without a break, not to mention working full-time for a year and part-time all others. He's what you'd call "past burnt out" at this point, but hey--we are almost there, babe!

Benjamin is a crazy pseudo-savant who does everything early and thinks he's been two since he turned one, so who knows what that means for after he actually becomes two. We'll see. He's a joy and the brightest spot in our lives, but also a handful! The best things we do are also often the hardest. Just picture me chasing him around while also being super sweaty and pregnant, and you'll get a basic idea of a day in the life.

'You're Gonna Miss This'

So that brings us to now. I'm 25, pregnant with my second child (another boy), and on the cusp of my husband graduating and having a real-life job and income. We live in a 2-bedroom apartment and eagerly look forward to the day when we can let Benjamin run free in a yard of our own. But until that day, we'll keep plugging away writing a task here and there, completing homework assignments, changing poopy diapers (potty training, please come soon!), and generally just living life. Many times in the past year, we've thought "when we have money..." or "when we get there..." but I keep having the nagging feeling that we'll never get "there," and we'll definitely miss these simple moneyless years of hard work and sacrifice, because it just naturally helps you realize what's truly important.

The Elephant in the Room

As for being pregnant, I show early in my pregnancies due to a short torso, and I end up looking like I'm smuggling a basketball/watermelon/what-have-you under my shirt by the end. This causes many strangers to feel the need to comment on my size, or to ask how soon I'm due. "How much longer have you got??" Is my favorite.

May 3, 2015 (the day before Benjamin was born)

Something you should know is that pregnant women usually don't appreciate comments about their size. Yes, they are huge--but trust me--they know! Every time I get out of the shower, I'm a little shocked at my reflection. So PSA: you don't need to tell pregnant women that they look like they're ready to pop. Just smile, give them a cool drink, and ask if you can carry their groceries or open a door. That's all you need to do.

With that being said, quite a few people ask me how I'm doing. This is totally valid, and I'm fine with it. The end of my last pregnancy was probably the most hellish thing I've experienced to date, so overall I feel pretty good these days. No rash that makes me want to blow my brains out (yet), no painful cyst on my back making it impossible to sit/stand/walk, and the heat really isn't all that bad yet. The point here is that by the time I drop this baby, it'll be about 120 degrees and I'll be as swollen as a boxer's face after the 12th round. So, by comparison to my previous pregnancy and what my future likely holds... I'm doing awesome! 

The more I think about it, the more I realize this attitude is quite freeing. Come what may, I feel good now. The future probably holds some unpleasant stuff, but I'm doing great for now! My back aches and I'm never cool enough, but I feel pretty dang good otherwise! And that's a beautiful thing, because as the days get hotter and my back hurts more and I sleep less each night, I really am still doing great! Positivity is key, here. I can get through this, and I can do it with a smile on my face. There's so much I've got going for me (see husband graduating and awesome toddler above) and I really am doing great. Even if it is for now, now is always now, and I can always keep that attitude going. 

In a few short months, I'll be raring to push a baby out and basically just a sea cucumber as far as movement goes. But hey, I'm doing great for now! It's only been 95 lately! That's way less than 120! And when it gets to 120...well, at least it won't be humid. And who needs to wear clothes anyway.

Y'all have a great day.